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Certifications (points/clubs/memberships)

Ability Funding Group Llc issues its Certification of Ownership to the purchasers of non-deeded timeshare interests, providing them the same integrity as deeded owners receive with Title Insurance. Ability Funding Group Llc issues its Policy of Title Insurance to the club, HOA, trustee, etc., as legal titleholder to deeded timeshare interests, and Certification of Ownership to the individual purchasers for their non-deeded interests.


Direct Ownership Transfers (deeded and points/clubs/memberships)

Ability Funding Group Llc prepares applicable ownership documents for transfers of timeshare interests where no monetary consideration was paid for the transfer.


Escrow Services

Ability Funding Group Llc provides rapid escrow closings for you and deliver same-day-as-closing proceeds directly into your account.


Escrow Closings

Ability Funding Group Llc superior escrow settlement services are provided to the developer for each interest sold. Ability Funding Group Llc delivers developer proceeds from closings and receivables fundings into the developers bank account same-day-as closing/funding.


Ability Funding Group Llc receives purchaser credit card down payments directly into its merchant escrow trust account and provides immediate reconciliation of deposits to you.


Daily Tracking and Status Reporting of Open Escrows

Ability Funding Group Llc keeps you informed by issuing daily tracking reports so that cash management and escrow status can be maintained and monitored. We manage within the rescission time frame for each state and location.



Ability Funding Group Llc provides global title and escrow services for re-sale transactions (deeded and non-deeded ownership types).


Inventory Management

Ability Funding Group Llc provides innovative, state-of-the-art inventory management that enhances your success.


Inventory Control

Tracking all deeded and non-deeded property interests that alleviate dupes and over-sells are functions critical to your company’s continued success. Our dual inventory control system ensures a comprehensive information base and tracks every aspect of a timeshare interest.


Default Management

Ability Funding Group Llc is considered the leader in timeshare default management. Returning defaulted properties quickly to your inventory is key to your success. Ability Funding Group Llc recognizes the urgency of this need and our team of dedicated professionals specialize in returning defaulted properties to sell able inventory promptly and efficiently.


Restoring defaulted properties can vary greatly from state-to-state and country-to-country. With our vast experience within the default management department, Ability Funding Group Llc executes the complex procedures necessary to streamline and organize the process for you.